About Us

About Mustang Holding Group

A concept of Mustang Holding Group was in the mind of Mr. Jayendra Gauchan a simple hard-working person, which dragged him to establish an engineering workshop as Mustang Engineering & Metal Workshop at Prithvi Chowk, Pokhara in the year BS 2056.11.17 and this success motivated him to move forward with the philosophy “Trust Ensure Success” and later in the year BS 2072. 05.01 a Mustang GI Wire Industries & Supplier Pvt. Ltd.-MGIWIS established and committed to total customers’ satisfaction and practicing high ethical business standards. We build on trust-Ethical behavior is inherent to our business and has been a part of our legacy since inception, as envisioned and believed that a business must operate in a manner that respects the rights of all its stakeholders and creates overall value for society. The values and principles that have governed our business for a century are preserved in the Mustang Group’s conducts.


Vision, Mission and Policies

Mustang Holding Group follows excellence and continuous improvement through innovative solutions.



Development for Mustang Holding Group means to care, to protect, to be responsible for. Our vision is to be as an organization for responsible, respectful, caring, and sensitive not only to the environment but also very much to our people


At Mustang Holding Group, we aim to scale the heights of honesty and integrity are essential ingredients and we believe profitability and consistent with the vision and values, we strive to strengthen our industrial base through effective utilization of staff and materials with modern management practices


We shall contribute to our valued customers by providing quality products that customers can trust Mustang Holding Group.